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How To See Likes On Instagram

Where can I see recent photos and videos I've liked?🧐To see the 300 most recent posts you've liked:Go to your profile by tapping 👩‍💼  and tap  Ξ.Tap  Settings. ⚙️Tap ...
by Ifuzer June 7th, 2021

Losing Instagram Followers? This Is Why – And How To Fix It in 2021

Have you found yourself constantly refreshing the #LostFollowes hashtag on Instagram, purely in the hope to find a solution for why your account suddenly losing Insta...
by Ifuzer June 29th, 2021

Free Likes Instagram: 5 Easy Tips and Tricks in 2021

So you want to get free likes on Instagram? So does everyone, but how is that even possible? In this blog, we are going over 7 ways to get free likes on Instagram. Ke...
by Ifuzer June 29th, 2021

What is Instagram Dark Mode & How to Use it?

While dark mode has been around for a while in the enthusiast community, Apple and Google started rolling it out since last year. Since then, many apps have followed ...
by Ifuzer July 12th, 2021