How To Change Reddit Username - Fast & Easy In 2021

How To Change Reddit Username - Fast & Easy In 2021

Reddit is the biggest social news conglomeration site where you can explore content on practically any point that is legitimate. This social site incorporates posts, pictures, and text on an assortment of themes like science, computer games, films, music, books, workmanship, and so on. What makes it well known is the way that it permits users to make subcategories called 'subreddits' where they can make posts and conversations dependent on a particular subject or class. Users like us can upvote or downvote posts and remarks depending on the user's liking. The most famous posts have the pleasure of being highlighted on the first page of Reddit where a large number of individuals who peruse the site can see their posts. Undoubtedly, it's anything but a pretty valuable, fascinating, and fun site to peruse. 

Nonetheless, Reddit isn't great and can be strongly irritating on occasion. Indeed, numerous users feel disappointed when they attempt to change their username. In this article, we are going to dive deeper into the username section and help you change your Reddit username. 

Can you change your Reddit Username? And is it easy?

This is quite possibly the most famous inquiry posted on Reddit. Sadly, there could be no legitimate answer for this issue. Whenever you have chosen your Reddit username during the record enlistment measure, it is difficult to change it in the future as it is for all time related to your account. This is an important interaction to lessen digital wrongdoings, for example, extortion or account imitation. 

The lone backhanded arrangement is to deactivate your current account and make another account. By deactivating your account, you will lose admittance to your current account and it will be erased. Nonetheless, the current posts on Reddit posted utilizing the current username wouldn't get erased. The username on those posts would get supplanted with a *deleted* tag. 

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In the event that you decide to go ahead with this cycle, you should take note that all your karma focuses related to your present account would get erased and it is absolutely impossible to move them over to your new account regardless of whether you contact the customer support.

Does changing the Display name on Reddit help?

A few people suggest that you change your display name since you can't change the Reddit username. Shockingly, this is an ineffectively carried out method and doesn't help by any means. The Reddit display name just shows up on your profile over your username and you can change it however many occasions you need. In any case, this component is pointless as it doesn't stow away or supplant your Reddit username. Individuals can in any case see your username on your profile and see it related to your posts. 

So if you want to change your display name, you can follow the means recorded beneath to change your Reddit Display name: 

  1. Sign in to your Reddit account using your username and password. 

  1. Then, click on your username and select the User Settings starting from the drop menu. 

  1. Select the Profile tab under User Settings 

  1. Change your Display name under Profile Information and save the changes. That is it, you have effectively changed your Display name.

Easy right?

But what if I want to create a new account or I'm new to Reddit? Then we have the right topic for you!

How to choose a good username on Reddit

There can be numerous reasons why Reddit user should change their current username. A few people are exhausted with it and need to make another username only for it. Others might be humiliated in light of the fact that they may have settled on a senseless choice during their young years while making their account. On the off chance that you need to pick another Reddit Username by making another account, you need to try not to misstep the same way and make a reasonable username that you can be pleased with for quite a long time. 

Luckily, there are no limitations on making numerous Reddit accounts in any event, utilizing a similar email address. Truth be told, numerous individuals make expendable Reddit accounts because of this reality. Here are a couple of tips you can use to think of reasonable Reddit usernames: 

  1. Think about your expectation – If you address a brand or organization, it is smarter to make a username that coordinates with the name, vision, or upsides of that brand or organization. On the off chance that you principally need to utilize Reddit to investigate certain subjects or sorts, you can utilize name generators to make irregular usernames utilizing a couple of key snippets of data about yourself and those kinds of points. Additionally, see that blog entry to figure out how to get popular via web-based media. 

Here is our favorite Reddit name generator.

  1. Think about your diversions or preferences – You can make a username dependent on your side interests or your preferences. For eg. On the off chance that you like cultivating, your username could be 'zenofgardening' or in the event that you are a huge social media fan, your username could be 'zuck4president'.

Be creative and make something unique. That is our best advice and also don't forget that your username sticks with you for a long time.


Our final conclusion

It is basically impossible to change your Reddit username without losing some karma and making another account. But, if your account is moderately new or you are not that dynamic, this cycle ought not influence you significantly. Truth be told, it very well may be incredibly amusing to think of new Reddit username thoughts. Simply try to counsel a couple of dear friends to hear the second point of view with the goal that you don't want to change it again later on.

That's all from us,

Happy Reddit username changing!