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How does Ifuzer work?

As Ifuzer, we’re the only digital marketing company that provides social media services in a legal way. Here are the steps we’re taking for providing our ALL exclusive and best services;

  • Our payment provider is 100% safe.
  • Ifuzer instantly creates promotions on various social networks and ad networks (by using software and API).
  • From these promotions, we send real interactions / impression to your profiles.
  • We at Ifuzzer never use fake (not real) accounts created by a tool or so.
    As a result, Ifuzer is a legal middle-man between you and advertisement networks.

I did not receive the order I placed?

Please ensure the following criteria are met before placing an order to secure a successful delivery.

  • Your Instagram account is set to public.
  • You have typed in the correct Instagram username.
  • You have not changed your Instagram username before the order’s completion.
  • The account or post, still exists and has not been deleted.
  • The video follows Instagram’s guidelines and has not been restricted or removed.
  • Allow 24 hours for completion of order delivery.

If you have experienced an issue with the delivery of your order, please contact our support team for assistance at

Can my Instagram account get banned?

No, thats not possible. foot-in-mouth While you’re ordering on Ifuzer for our social media services, we only ask for your username. We never ask for your password!. You give us your username then we complete the order. That is easy. Our developed system protects your account. Your account cannot be banned; make sure about it. In otherwise, we can send followers to anyone and get banned?. This is not possible.

Do you deliver fake or Real likes and followers?

Yes! All our followers are from real accounts that we have handpicked. 

Do i need to buy likes and followers?

The short answer is yes! And the long answer is also yes because we live in a digital social world where everybody is influenced by each other. So if you have a bigger social engagement, you will be more influential to others.

Why shuld i choose Ifuzer?

We have a vision to deliver the highest quality service in the industry and destroy our competitor's prices. We also believe in growth, where you are a central piece of our company.

If you grow, we grow.

That simple.

We have been in the industry since 2018 and strive to give our customers the best and fastest experience out there.

Grow, grow grow

Thats as easy as ordering a "follow"

Have a nice day

Team Ifuzer